Deep Listening is the art of experiencing sound in all its glory. In everyday life we filter out so much of the information entering our ears that we are frequently only perceiving pale ghosts of the sounds we could be experiencing.

This website, part of a pilot research and development project supported by Arts Council England, provides theoretical  background and practical tips and techniques so that anyone from pre-school child to professional musician can embark on the intensely rewarding journey that leads to a deeper experience of sound and music.

PHOTO CREDIT: Rob Godman with Professor Stephen Morris

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A person speaks, a musician plays, a bird sings, an inanimate object is struck. This creates pressure waves which travel through the air to the outer ear or pinna. The…


I differentiate ‘to hear’ and ‘to listen’. To hear is the physical means that enables perception. To listen is to give attention to what is perceived both acoustically and psychologically…

Deep Listening

The journey to deep listening is a voyage from our outer to inner aural worlds. The more we can sensitise ourselves to our innermost experiences of perceiving sound the more…

Deep Listening